Joint Corporate Broker


Panmure Gordon is pleased to announce its appointment as Joint Corporate Broker to CyanConnode Holdings Plc (CYAN.L/Mkt Cap £26m).

CyanConnode is a world leader in Narrowband Radio Frequency (RF) Smart Mesh Networks, which are used for machine to machine (M2M) communication. As well as being self-forming and self-healing, CyanConnode’s RF Smart Mesh Networks are designed for rapid deployment, whilst giving exceptional performance and competitive total cost of ownership.

Deal Team:

Rupert Dearden

Managing Director, Corporate Broking Services

James Sinclair-Ford

Vice President, Corporate Advisory

Freddy Crossley

Managing Director, Head of Healthcare

Joseph Tan

Analyst, Investment Banking

Harvey Robinson

Director, Research Analyst, Technology

Sarah Downing

Director, Head of Investor Relations

Adam Howson, CFA

Managing Director, Head of Execution

James Perry

Managing Director, Head of Market Making

Lee Hales

Director, Market Maker

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