Recruiters serve a hire purpose as trend spotters

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Recruiters perch on the bleeding edge of the trend — they are “leading indicators”, to indulge in a second piece of jargon. So investors listened this week when London-listed Robert Walters proclaimed a slowdown had arrived. The chief executive after whom the group is named said profits for the year — although still a record — would be lower than expected.

This put a revealing gloss on a 20 per cent rise in fee earnings in 2022. These were a testament to the pressure inflation is putting on wages as much as the prowess of recruitment consultants. Fee earnings in Germany rose 28 per cent in the fourth quarter and France and Spain recorded double-digit growth.

East Midlands-style war gaming has been catching on in the US, assisted by pandemic lockdowns. Alex Chatterton, research analyst at Panmure Gordon, notes that recent visits to a Warhammer community website still comfortably exceed their pre-Covid level.

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Author: Financial Times

Alex Chatterton

Director, Research Analyst, Consumer & Leisure

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