Our Senior Leadership Team

  • Erik Anderson

    MD, Corporate Broking Services
  • Bella Brandon

    MD, Co-Head Dynamics Team
  • Miranda Cockburn

    MD, Research Analyst
  • Freddy Crossley

    MD, Head of Healthcare
  • Bill Dale

    MD, Head of Research
  • Julian Dickinson

    MD, Head of Sales, Mid Cap
  • Simon French

    MD, Chief Economist
  • Ian Gibson

    MD, Head of Trading
  • Zoe Henderson

    MD, Co-Head Dynamics Team
  • Nick Hiley

    MD, Head of US Sales
  • Adam Howson

    MD, Head of Execution
  • Michael Janes

    MD, Co-Head Investment Funds
  • Giles Leather

    MD, Head of Sales, Growth Companies
  • Dominic Morley

    MD, Head of Corporate Advisory
  • Mark Murphy

    Vice Chair, Sales
  • John Prior

    MD, Head of Natural Resources & NECT
  • Eric Scheurer

    MD, Head of Finance & Risk
  • Tom Scrivens

    MD, Head of Corporate Broking Services
  • Sapna Shah

    MD, Co-Head Investment Funds, Advisory
  • Barry Wainwright

    MD, Head of Compliance & Legal
  • Kevin Wall

    Chair, Client Engagement

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