Kieron Hodgson speaks with Avi Krawitz from Rapaport about the diamond industry and opportunities and challenges ahead

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Retail jewellers must give a more honest account of the contribution natural diamonds make to communities and the environment or risk having mistruths embedded in the consumer psyche, industry analyst Kieron Hodgson cautioned on the Rapaport Diamond Podcast.

“Retail outlets are willing to portray natural diamonds as something that is not a benefit to the industry whereas lab grown is that ethical alternative,” said Hodgson, managing director and research analyst for commodities and mining at UK investment bank Panmure Gordon. “I found myself getting particularly annoyed because I have seen firsthand the benefit that mining operations bring to communities.”

In his chat with Rapaport’s Avi Krawitz, Hodgson explains the important role research analysts play in the industry, how regulatory improvements resulting from the 2008 financial crisis helped the trade through the pandemic, the current market environment, and why rough prices must rise.

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