HydrogenOne Capital

November 2021

The Panmure Gordon team is a real stand out in the banking sector in that they know what they’re talking about, they let the new guys get there at their own pace, and they don’t give up when complexity strikes.
- JJ Traynor, CEO

HydrogenOne Capital Growth is the first London listed fund dedicated to the clean hydrogen sector providing access to clean hydrogen through investment in a diversified portfolio of hydrogen focussed assets in order to deliver capital growth with a strong ESG focus.

  • Ineos energy was the cornerstone investor
  • IPO was supported by broad range of institutional and retail investors.

The Panmure Gordon research team highlighted HydrogenOne as a team that wanted to build a fund in June 2020. Just over a year later with business advice and support to set up from scratch we launched HydrogenOne as an IPO and raised £107m.

Simon Hogan, Chairman of the Company, commented:

“This IPO marks the start for the first London listed fund dedicated to the clean hydrogen sector. We welcome our new shareholders, and look forward to life as a listed fund. HydrogenOne is for energy investors who want to move beyond net zero now, not later, and deploy substantial growth capital into the solutions underpinning the energy transition.”

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