Freddy Crossley
Head of Healthcare,
Corporate Advisory

Freddy has more than 15 years of experience, and joined Panmure Gordon in 2012. He began his career as a graduate at Charles Stanley, and subsequently worked at Seymour Pierce where he acted for many clients particularly in the Healthcare and Technology sector.

Freddy has led numerous M&A and equity market transactions on both AIM and the Official List including Class 1 transactions, secondary fundraisings and IPOs, and managed the IPOs of Horizon Discovery, Midatech and Focusrite.

Freddy holds a BSc Hons in Human Physiology from Bristol University.

How do you ensure that your team delivers first-class service to clients?

We have a high quality threshold and a limited number of companies we will work for at any one time, which ensures that the quality of time and focus we spend on each is significant.

Also, we built the team from the bottom up, allowing us to select the best people in each position. We are not hampered by legacy and everyone in the Healthcare team knows what is expected. I trust them implicitly, from the senior to the most junior members of the team.

Having worked at several investment banks, what do you think makes Panmure Gordon stand out?

In a word, “brand”. Everyone with a City background respects the Panmure Gordon brand as a national treasure of sorts, and wills us to do well.

It is a huge benefit that the name Panmure Gordon resonates with boards and management teams. It still stands for quality in its core areas, so Panmure Gordon is an easy addition to any pitch list.

How have your experiences and education prepared you for this role?

My university days were focussed on neuro-anatomy. I would spend every Wednesday afternoon in a morgue with a human brain doing dissection. That prepared me for even the most difficult tasks I’ve faced here.

Furthermore, the start of my career in the City coincided with an interest in boxing. No matter how tough any CEO or Chairman is, or how tricky an activist shareholder may be, little compares to the people I’ve met in a boxing gym. Sometimes in this job you need a bit of perspective.