Meet the CEO: Tim Carroll, Focusrite


Tim Carroll, CEO of Focusrite, speaks to Simon French, Panmure Gordon’s Chief Economist, about the company’s financial results and dividend, its recent acquisition and acquisition strategy, product development and its software strategy.

The entire interview and clips of specific questions and answers are below.

Q: What does Focusrite do and what does it achieve? (1:32 including introduction)

Q: The company has grown in recent years. Have new investors missed out on the company’s growth? (2:16)

Q: What are the highlights in Focusrite’s recent financial results? (1:19)

Q: What is the strategy for your multiple brands? (1:55)

Q: Can you talk about the impact to your business of trade tariffs on China? (1:49)

Q: What is the competitive landscape and how has it changed in recent quarters? (2:22)

Q: What are your product development plans for the next 12 months? (1:32)

Q: Can you tell me about pro audio and the RedNet product line, and what it will bring to the market? (2:22)

Q: Focusrite has a well established line of hardware products. What about software? (2:22)

Q: How do you use customer feedback for R&D? (00:50)

Q: Can you tell me about Focusrite’s recent acquisition and the integration? (00:45)

Q: Has the acquisition gone well? (2:04)

Q: What about future acquisitions? What’s your strategy? (00:51)

Q: You started your career as a musician. How has that helped you in your current role? (1:57)

Simon French

Managing Director, Head of Research