Appointed Joint Broker to EQTEC plc

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Panmure Gordon is delighted to announce that it has been appointed as Joint Broker to EQTEC plc.

EQTEC designs, supplies and builds advanced gasification facilities in the UK, EU and US, which process over 50 varieties of feedstock, including forestry wood waste, vegetation and other agricultural to produce a pure, high-quality synthesis gas (“syngas”) that can be used for the widest range of applications, including the generation of electricity and heat, and the production of synthetic natural gas or biofuels.

The London Stock Exchange has awarded EQTEC the Green Economy Mark, which recognises listed companies with 50% or more of revenues from environmental/green solutions. For more information see:

The core client team includes:

Corporate Advisory: John Prior, Harriette Johnson

Corporate Broking and IR: Hugh Rich, Sarah Downing

Research: Lacie Midgley and Sanjay Jha

Sales: Giles Leather, Nick Orgill

Trading: Charlie Borman, Lee Hales, Jamie Barnes

John Prior

Managing Director, Head of Natural Resources & NECT

Hugh Rich

Director, Corporate Broking Services

Sarah Downing

Director, Head of Investor Relations

Charlie Borman

Director, Market Maker

Lee Hales

Director, Market Maker

Jamie Barnes

Associate, Market Maker

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